The Conflict-Free & Empowered Life Game-Plan
Freedom and Empowered Living

Veera Mahajan 

Mediator and A Life Coach

Veera Mahajan is an inspirational author and speaker. She is a passionate advocate for the eradication of domestic abuse and empowering women. She is an advocate for joyful living through a peaceful dispute resolution. Her book DOMESTIC ABUSE, UNREPORTED CRIME talks about domestic abuse awareness and getting rid of abuse from your life for good. She believes that we all deserve to live an absolutely free life on our own terms. 

Veera has a master’s degree in Mediation and Dispute resolution from Straus Institute at Pepperdine law school. She combines those skills with her background in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica to facilitate communication and win-win negotiate a resolution. Before that, she had an extensive background in business. Veera was the partner/owner of a global software company in Michigan for over 23 years. She also owned and ran a magazine publishing business in Malibu for 6 years. She has extensive experience in resolving disputes in business situations.

Veera knows how to tackle those family dynamics by tapping into the emotional side of both parties. She always tries to show her clients that no matter what they are still a family, just a different kind of family especially if children are involved. She knows the family disputes from the inside out personally and understands the mentality of a victim to have empathy for complicated family conflicts. 

Veera is a mediator and a life coach for conflict-free living. She works with families and small businesses to resolve disputes one step at a time to figure out a win-win solution for all! With a 95%+ success rate, she is very confident in helping you figure out the deep-rooted reasons for disputes lurking under the surface and getting rid of them for good. When needed she also spends time with clients individually to figure out their own pain points and helping them find peace and of course, harmony. She provides them with skills so they can resolve their everyday conflicts themselves and enjoy peaceful, conflict-free lives.

As a mediator, she plays the role of a neutral facilitator for peaceful communication and helps you save time, money and hopefully also salvage relationships. 

WITH THIS  Conflict-Free & Empowered Life Game-Plan, I'LL SHOW YOU:


Once you learn with me the basic mediation skills to be your own mediator at home, you will be able to resolve conflicts with you and between other family members. You will be able to leave a much simpler, easier and harmonious life. If you do your work and stick with the mediation program but still are not happier than before you started, just let me know and I will give you your money back.  


Once you decide that you are no ones victim, you will break the cycle of abuse and live a life on your own terms. And, learning mediation skill will help you resolve conflicts when they are small to live a peaceful and fair life in Harmony.


Find out how to gain freedom so you are never afraid of anyone. Learn how to live life on your own terms. Know that you are never alone. Be part of a supportive community.


Learn what you like and not like, what you have always wanted and, how to achieve your goals.

Veera Mahajan 

Mediator and A Life Coach

" I look forward to sharing my life’s knowledge and experiences with you so your journey to freedom and empowered living may be faster and easier than mine.

If you are living in a life of conflict and/or fear and don’t feel absolute freedom and in control of all aspects of your own personal world, I can help. Please click the button below and schedule a consultation call with me to explore the possibilities. I promise you will be happy you called. I am waiting in anticipation of your new bright future!"


-Alethea Root, Emmy Award winning Film Director

"Domestic Abuse: Unreported Crime" is a guide for not only abusive relationships but all relationships. You can open this book to any page and find words of wisdom. If the best part of living is loving and love is freedom, then this book helps you see the difference between what is a healthy love and what is abuse. Every person (male or female) will benefit from reading this book."

-Hermine Hilton.,Author/Creator of Sonik Memory and Namemoniks 

"Uniquely, my dear friend, Veera, is exactly the right person to have written this encouraging and emboldening scripture.
 The lessons she has shared are the life lessons she has learned and lived. The freedom she wants for you is that which she insists on for herself. She is the epitome of achieving victory over having been, at one time, the victim. And the energy she radiates today empowers her to lead and to do great things."

Louis Gossett Jr., Oscar Winner Actor

"We go to the gym when we want to get into physical shape. We also must try to achieve emotional shape as well as a good spiritual condition. I highly recommend this brilliantly written book to you all. I think that it is very important for us all. Love and peace always!"

The Conflict-Free & Empowered Life Game-Plan

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